Trick Or Treat

Tonight Mummy took you trick or treating with Jessica’s friend Eloisa and her sister Amelina.

You all looked a treat!

It was a lot of fun and very funny – We discovered Jessica was the perfect height for running in to car wing mirrors and Eloisa was very vocal about her dislike of Mowam sweets when offered them!

One house gave you home made toffee apples and Jessica made us all laugh when she bit in to it and in a very surprised voice told everyone ‘this has got an apple in it!’


Jessica and Mummy spent some time decorating the front of the house today – we made our own ghosts, bats, cobwebs and spiders and hung them up at the front to surprise Isabelle after we’d picked her up from school!

Head Teacher’s Award

Isabelle has been spending her spare time in the evenings this week writing a spooky story.

She’d promised Mr Froud she’d take it in to school for Halloween – and he was so impressed that he sent you to show Mr Hoar the head teacher who gave you an award!

You were so excited to show Mummy your sticker and tell me all about it at pick up time that you came running out of the classroom with a huge grin on your face!!

Windmill Farm

Jessica and Mummy went to another new farm today.

It had a fantastic indoor play area with a windmill – Jessica kept making me go in it and down the big slide!

They also had a spooky wood complete with spooky sounds that made made Mummy jump – much to Jessica’s amusement!

We also fed lots of animals – Henry the Herdwick sheep, a calf, some goats and alpacas!

Manor Farm

Mummy had booked tickets for a Halloween event at Manor Farm today.

As well as feeding the animals, putting the animals to bed, riding a milk float, making campfire toast, carving a pumpkin plus lots of craft activities you also got to go in to the spooky woods and pretended to be witches doing magic!

Twin Lakes

Mummy has lots lined up for Halloween this year and today we went to Twin Lakes to see all their Halloween displays.

Your friends Eloisa and Amelina were there so you both got to go on lots of rides! Jessica didn’t enjoy the spooky circus show so she carved a pumpkin with Mummy – pretty good it is too!

University Community Day

Mummy took you both to a community day at Loughborough University today.

They had lots of craft activities – you completed over 12 different activities between you and entered a prize draw because you’d done so much!

You did picture frame making, book folding, book mark making, tie dye t shirts, face painting to name just a few things!

Grandad Beanlands’ Birthday Surprise

Today Jessica and Mummy went to surprise Grandad Beanlands on his Birthday. We invited him out to Calke Abbey. You have Mike the monkey from pre school this week so he also came with us.

Grandad loved watching you dress up as a witch and play in the barn. We also went to see a fanatic pumpkin display – with pumpkins so big you could sit on them!