New Shoes

Here you after we’ve been into town – you’re having fun playing peek a boo in this photo but the real reason I took it was because you’re wearing your new shoes. They’re your first pair of PROPER shoes – Size 5 too!

You’re also wearing a new jumper – it’s prompted you to say your first shape: ‘Star’. You like pointing at your jumper and saying ‘star’. Twinkle Twinkle is another favorite at the moment and we sing it a lot and you do all the actions!


Your new favorite thing to eat at the moment is an apple.  Luckily for you Daddy and Grandad Williamson picked lots of apples off the tree in our garden last weekend and you’re merrily chomping your way through them in a variety of ways.  I’ve stewed some with Cinnamon and some with mixed spice and they’re going down a treat for puddings.  This has also prompted a new word from  you…aaaappppppllllllll….Here you are in the car today on the way to Nana Brown’s…with an aaaaapppplllll…