Cirencester day out

Today we went to Cirencester to see the Roman artefacts on display there as you’re doing the Romans at the start of year 3. First we went to the Amphitheatre, which when it was in it’s original state would have held over 8000 people – you found it really hard to run up!

After that visit we went to the museum in the middle of town, there were loads of saved mosaics that had been discovered over the years, mainly featuring gods and animals (typical Romans!) We also took the Brownie’s teddy as you were the ‘lucky’ recipient of this in your first week in the new group and we needed to get some good pictures of you taking her somewhere exciting (or hopefully educational!).


Today you went to an outdoor theatre with Nana and Aunty Cath to watch a production of Joseph. Nana has got you the tickets for your Birthday and you’ve been singing the songs and looking forward to going ever since!

Your day started with a pizza lunch!

While you were there Jessica and I did some baking – she’s very proud of her cakes!

Yesterday you went with Nana to help Aunty Cath start to take some wallpaper off the walls at her new house.

It was very exciting and you were a big help!

Hetty Feather

This morning you helped me to make some baby food for your sister (she’s getting more and more interested in food now so we made some up ready). Then this afternoon grandma and grandad looked after Jessica while we went to the curve theatre in Leicester to see a show called Hetty Feather. It was a very clever show with some acrobatics.