You were the ‘lucky’ recipient of the Brownies teddies this week – we needed somewhere exciting to take them so we headed to the Great Central who had a steam gala. Your sister is still super keen on Thomas so she enjoyed it as well – you were excited as the train was called Oliver Cromwell!

I do like to be becide the seaside

It’s been an exciting day, your first at the beach! We went with Grandma and Grandad to Mablethorpe and  met up with Yvonne, Graham, Gill and Edgar. Here is you, Mummy and Grandma outside the beach hut, it’s windy!

You enjoyed playing on the sand and only tried to eat it once, thankfully you didn’t like the taste and so it didn’t happen again. You were a lucky girl because Yvonne went and bought you a bucket and spade so that you could build sandcastles.





Grandad was very excited when he spotted the train and insisted on having a ride, you and Mummy went and kept him company whilst Grandma and I held the bags and took some photos.