Cirencester day out

Today we went to Cirencester to see the Roman artefacts on display there as you’re doing the Romans at the start of year 3. First we went to the Amphitheatre, which when it was in it’s original state would have held over 8000 people – you found it really hard to run up!

After that visit we went to the museum in the middle of town, there were loads of saved mosaics that had been discovered over the years, mainly featuring gods and animals (typical Romans!) We also took the Brownie’s teddy as you were the ‘lucky’ recipient of this in your first week in the new group and we needed to get some good pictures of you taking her somewhere exciting (or hopefully educational!).

Billy Bear

We’ve had another busy weekend and this weekend you’ve had Billy-the class Bear to take out and about with you. It snowed on Saturday night so Jessica and Billy both got to see their first snow!    

 Jessica is 16 weeks old now and she’s spending lots of time working out how to reach out and hold things-she keeps using her left hand though and hardly ever her right so we think she’s going to be left handed like you!


Year One Books

youre doing so well with your reading that your teacher, Mrs Best, has moved you up to Year one books already! You’ve been telling me how you have to go to a different part of the school now to the the bigger boys and girls classrooms to choose your books! Just amazing!! 

Here you are at the weekend at your friend Heather’s party with your two best friends from school. Erin is on the blue chair and Alexandra is on the purple chair.


Gold Spot

You came home from school with a bracelet today-you’d been allowed to choose it out of the treat box for good work and good behaviour. You’d been on the gold spot at school so many times you got the treat, Mummy and Daddy are so pleased with how well you are doing at school!  

While you were at school today Mummy, Grandma and Grandad took Jessica to a Garden Centre where they had lots of Christmas decorations! 

 Jessica was in a very happy mood tonight and I got some nice photos of her smiling:



First Nativity

Mummy, Jessica, Grandma and Grandad all went to watch you in your nativity today. You’ve been practicing for weeks by doing lots of singing and dancing at home. The nativity was great, although not all of your foundation friends enjoyed performing-there was an angel that cried, a stubborn camel, some very bouncy stars that made the stage bang and another star whose bottom was hanging out of her tights! You did brilliant dancing and singing as a townsperson and it was lovely to see! Tomorrow night Nana and Daddy get to go and see you in action!


School Medal

You brought the class medal home again today for good writing! You tried showing Jessica but she was a bit non plussed! Jessica is spending more time awake and looking about now-last night she grabbed hold of your hair for the first time, luckily you thought it was very funny!!