Today you went to an outdoor theatre with Nana and Aunty Cath to watch a production of Joseph. Nana has got you the tickets for your Birthday and you’ve been singing the songs and looking forward to going ever since!

Your day started with a pizza lunch!

While you were there Jessica and I did some baking – she’s very proud of her cakes!

Yesterday you went with Nana to help Aunty Cath start to take some wallpaper off the walls at her new house.

It was very exciting and you were a big help!

New Coat

Nana has bought you a beautiful winter coat.  It’s a little on the big side at the moment, but that’s ok, it means you’ve got it all the way through the winter now.  It must be nice and snug because here’s a photo of you asleep in it after we’d been to visit Mummy’s friend Zoe.

Bradgate in Summer

Today you, me, Mummy, Nana and Auntie Cath went to Bradgate Park to feed the ducks and see if we could spot some deer. The deer were very close to the path so you were able to see them easily from your trike.

After looking at the deer we went and fed the ducks, although as per usual you wanted the bread for yourself. Silly Nana managed to cut her thumb open whilst slicing up the bread for the ducks, hopefully it will be better soon!

The most exciting part of the day for you was Nana’s bubbles – although she wasn’t very good at blowing them!

81st birthday weekend

Well what a big weekend Isabelle, not only are you 1 but Great Nana is 80, quite an achievement! Her party was the day before yours at Ashfields in Earl Shilton. Lots of people got to meet you for the first time such as Great Uncle Ian and Aunty Kate, Nana’s friend Denz and lots of Great Nana’s friends. It’s fair to say that there were two centers of attention and you were certainly entertaining people, and Great Nana loved talking about you with all of her friends.


I really like this last picture, it shows how much everyone enjoyed having you around – even if you did start chattering whilst Nana was trying to give a speech!

With a baaa baaa here……

Today Aunty Cath and Nana took you to the farm -you thought  the rabbit was funny even when he nibbled your finger! We went on tractor and saw lots of pigs, goats, cows, ducks and lambs.  We stayed to see the lambs being fed, but you decided you were ready for your lunch too and wanted the lambs bottles!

After the farm Nana took you out for lunch – I just love this photo so had to include it:

A holiday visit

Its now October half term which means that I have had some time off work to spend with you.and mummy. We have used our time productively and been to visit Nana and Grandad who are on holiday with the caravan down in Cirencester. Auntie Cath and Emlyn were also there and enjoyed seeing you, it was your longest trip in a car yet and you were very well behaved.