Home time

Well at 8pm tonight we had the good news that it was time for me to bring both you and Mummy home from hospital.  We dressed you in a lovely cardigan that Nana Brown had knitted especially for you. Alice was told she could go home at the same time, so we all left together! Amazingly you were asleep and you slept the whole way home, even when we stopped for pizza!

Your first visitors

Everybody was very excited to hear about your arrival, both sets of Grandparents were desperate to meet you, Grandma and Grandad came to see you first (they also wanted to check on how mummy was because she was a bit poorly after having you. They were pleased that you were both doing well.


Nana and Grandad were equally pleased to see you, when daddy phoned them to tell them that you had arrived they hadn’t been to sleep yet! Mummy spent a few days in hospital so that the midwives could check that you were both fit and healthy. This meant that there were opportunities for even more people to visit……

First few hours

You were born at 12:15 on the 15th July at the Leicester Royal Infirmary. When we first arrived at the hospital you gave us a scare because your heart rate was a bit high but it was just because you were having a kick about! I phoned the new grandparents and gave them the good new, I don’t think either of them had been to sleep! Five hours after you had been born I went home to try and get some sleep. You had lots of visitors over the next few days.