Birmingham Lego Discovery & Sealife

We had a slightly earlier start today to make it to Birmingham for 10! We started at the Lego Discovery Centre where you enjoyed making various designs and playing in the soft play (as well as the brilliant 4D cinema).

Then we grabbed some lunch and carried on to the sealife centre where you and Jessica spent ages looking at the penguins!

Hetty Feather

This morning you helped me to make some baby food for your sister (she’s getting more and more interested in food now so we made some up ready). Then this afternoon grandma and grandad looked after Jessica while we went to the curve theatre in Leicester to see a show called Hetty Feather. It was a very clever show with some acrobatics.


Dear Santa…

Now that you’re good at your reading you’ve also started taking an interest in writing and how to spell words. This came in handily today when you decided to write a letter to Santa. In weeks gone by you’ve been asking for a chocolate snowman lollipop (which he normally leaves in your stocking) and a pair of frozen earrings, but, today when you wrote your letter you asked for a clock and a torch! You did great writing and you even did a practice letter before doing the one to leave for Santa to be really sure it was all spelt right and looked nice.