Friday in Colmenar

Today we had to say goodbye to Spain and to Chris and Karen.

We have had the most fantastic Spanish adventure and Isabelle cried as we left the villa – Mummy asked when she’d like to come back and Isabelle said ‘Next week’! Mummy better get saving hard again!

You said you were upset because you were worried that you might never get to go back – but I think we will – we need to check that out trees are growing after all!

Before we left Chris took us up to a hotel that looked back down on the whole of Malaga. We could see the bull ring, the beach and the new and old parts of Malaga.

We said goodbye to Chris and headed in to Malaga for a bit of shopping before sadly making our way to the airport!

Thursday in Colmenar

When Mummy was shopping in Malaga with Karen on Wednesday she bought you both flamenco dresses….when you were fast asleep they were hung up in your rooms and you had a big surprise when you woke up in the morning!

Mummy was woken up by the sound of a tap at the window – you were both stood there in your dresses!

We took lots of photos all around the villa in your dresses, then Isabelle and Karen went in to Colmenar town to do some shopping.

Isabelle took her spending money and bought a bright red lipstick from the bazar!

On your way back from town you met Uncle Chris at the top of the road – you were both VERY excited to see him!!

Chris was very excited to see you too and was quick to take you both off to the garden centre and bought us a tree each. You chose trees that were similar heights to us and Chris dug them in to the mountain side next to Karen’s kitchen garden.

We all made labels with our names on and put them against our tree – we’re going to check on them when we go back to Spain over the years and see whose grows the biggest!

Wednesday In Colmenar

Today Mummy drove you in to Colmenar town and we went to explore!

We had Churos from the Churo van and sat in the centre of the town to eat them.

While we’re eating them a little boy called Sergio came over to Jessica and handed her an orange and tried to make friends!

We sat and had ice creams at a bar and while we we’re eating our ice cream we could smell chickens cooking in a shop opposite so went to explore!

We found a lady with a chicken rotisserie and bought a cooked chicken from her to take back for lunch!

Mummy had wanted paella, but the lady had only just started to cook it.

After lunch Karen showed you her potting shed and her kitchen garden with all the fantastic herbs and fruit trees shes growing.

In the afternoon you went to stay with a lady called Amber while Mummy and Karen went shopping in Malaga.

Amber had her own pool and you spent ages swimming before having your dinner just in time for Mummy and Karen to collect you!

Somehow you were both still full of energy at the end of the night and went running along the top of the villa as the sun set!

Tuesday in Colmenar

Today we started our day by taking a walk down the side of the mountain where Karen showed us all her almond trees and the path that all of Chris’s saints line!

Afterwards we went all the way in to the valley to see Karen’s friend, Adam, was who leads a very rural and self sustained life! Jessica and mummy climbed up a steep hill on Adam’s property to see his sheep.

He also showed us his old car that he uses to dry gapes and turn them in to raisins!

He had a lovely dog called ‘Cheeky’ that Isabelle absolutely loved and Cheeky followed us back to Karen’s car – I think she’d have come back to the UK with Isabelle if we’d have let her!

Monday In Colmenar

Today we spent the morning exploring Chris and Karen’s Villa.

You both went for a dip in the paddling pool that Karen had ready for you then we went out to find a swimming pool in the mountains.

We went to Karen’s neighbours on our way home – they’d made us a traditional tortilla and gazpacho as well as cake and ice cream!

You both loved the cake and ice cream and you both spent ages playing with the little dogs!

We saw eagles swooping around the mountains and had to pick the little dogs up to make sure they stayed safe from the eagles!

A Spanish Adventure

Today we started an exciting adventure in Spain! We started our day off very early and went to East Midlands Airport to catch an Aeroplane to Malaga.

Once in Malaga we met Aunty Karen and went in to Malaga for the last day of the Malaga fair.

You both bought flowers for you hair just like all the other Spanish ladies were wearing. We wandered through all the markets and saw lots of ladies wearing flamenco dresses. There were lots of ads with music and dancing which we went and joined in with!

There were lots of little parks in the new part of Malaga and you both spent ages playing on these and in a fountain!

After a day in Malaga we drove up to Aunty Karen’s villa – Isabelle went in Karen’s car and was guessing which villa was hers the entire journey!

The first thing you both did when we got here was fling your shoes off and run straight in to the big water feature in the middle of the villa!

Woolacombe – Day 3

Well Isabelle – I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from today! We went to the Wildlife and Dinosaur park in Combe Martin. We were there a little early so headed to the beach first.

The park was great, we saw loads of animals, had a train ride and saw an amazing sea lion show (as you’ll see the park had some super steep hills!!)

When we’d finished at the park we went back to the flat and headed to the beach where you continued to perfect your body boarding technique, then went and got a pizza for dinner which we enjoyed on the beach – what a perfect end to the day (there was rather a lot of sand in the bath…)!

Woolacombe – Day 2

The weather wasn’t quite as I’d wanted today – rather than clear blue sky’s it was grey, miserable and a bit drizzly! We didn’t let that stop us though; the first port of call was Lynton & Lynmouth to go on the funicular railway, on the way back up, you stood on the footplate with the driver

After moving on from here (in part due to the weather(!)) we headed to the Barnstaple to Lynton railway which we’d passed on the way, you both really enjoyed it and the views were spectacular.

When we got back it was the beach all the way until bedtime – you had your first try on a body board, I think you’re hooked!

Woolacombe – Day 1

We got a fairly early start in today and managed to get on the road before half 7. As it was going to be a 4 hour trip we stopped halfway down for breakfast at Gloucester services which you both enjoyed!

Once we arrived we headed into Ilfracombe to have a look around before we could get into our flat. After having a look around we went to the beach, followed by the aquarium and then got an ice cream which you both wolfed down…

When we got into the flat is was then a quick change and down to the beach for a paddle in the sea followed by dinner – here’s looking forward to an equally action packed day two(!).