Jessica’s First Food

This week Jessica has enjoyed a nibble on one of the rusks Santa brought her and also a biscuit!! You were unimpressed by her eating thigh and declared that she was ‘the worlds messiest eater ever!’ I don’t think you’ve seen anything yet though…   

 She’s also found her hands this week and has been hitting the toys on her playmat! 


Spicy Meataballs!

Today we went into Leicester to get Nana and Nana Brown’s Birthday presents.  While we were there we stopped at Pizza Express for a spot of lunch.  Daddy ordered you the spicy meat balls – the waiter did warn him that they can be quite hot ‘no fear’ said Daddy confidently – ‘You’ve never seen an Isabelle before’ and Daddy was right, you gobbled the lot and left him very proud when the waiter, bewildered, came back for your empty bowl!