Party Saturday!

What a day Isabelle! Not one but two parties….

The first was at the farm for Olivia’s 4th birthday and the second was round at Nat and Laura’s for Ettie’s 3rd birthday. You had a great time with Ruby and Olivia – you and Ruby are as thick as thieves when you get together, and despite the fact you don’t see each other that often you always pick right back up!

As you’ll see below, the trampoline got a lot of use at Nat and Lauras!


Odney day four

Today was very exciting, we had breakfast, went for a quick walk and then packed up and headed off to a farm! The first thing we did was get you on to a tractor which you rather enjoyed

After the tractor we went to see the animals, you really enjoyed petting and stroking them and they enjoyed trying to nibble your shoes!

After we had petted everything there was to pet in the barn we headed out to witness some spectacular sheep racing! We even got to place a bet on who we thought would win but ours came 3rd, rubbish.

One exciting thing we found was a mummy pig who had piglets which were only two weeks old, they were tiny compared to their mum.


With a baaa baaa here……

Today Aunty Cath and Nana took you to the farm -you thought  the rabbit was funny even when he nibbled your finger! We went on tractor and saw lots of pigs, goats, cows, ducks and lambs.  We stayed to see the lambs being fed, but you decided you were ready for your lunch too and wanted the lambs bottles!

After the farm Nana took you out for lunch – I just love this photo so had to include it:

Lend us a hand?

Today was exciting on two fronts, you had a trip out with Mummy and Sarah to the farm in Mountsorrel, secondly you were involved in your first car crash! Mummy took you to the farm to make presents for your grand parents with your hand prints (if you ask them they will be able to show you what was made!) When you were leaving in the car mummy accidentally bumped into someone else’s car, woops! You were very good though and slept through the whole thing! Here are a couple of pictures which Sarah managed to take of you both, you were obviously tired….