Bradgate in Summer

Today you, me, Mummy, Nana and Auntie Cath went to Bradgate Park to feed the ducks and see if we could spot some deer. The deer were very close to the path so you were able to see them easily from your trike.

After looking at the deer we went and fed the ducks, although as per usual you wanted the bread for yourself. Silly Nana managed to cut her thumb open whilst slicing up the bread for the ducks, hopefully it will be better soon!

The most exciting part of the day for you was Nana’s bubbles – although she wasn’t very good at blowing them!

Odney day five

Today was our last day at Odney and you were eager to get up and out, by the time we had woken up this was the sight which greeted us.

After breakfast we packed up and then went for a walk along the river spotting lots of dogs until you got tired and then I carried you the rest of the way back asleep. Once you woke up there was just enough time to get some lunch, go for a walk through the gardens and pay the ducks one last noisy visit….

Odney day one

Well Isabelle today is the start of our first real holiday together, we have come to Odney in Cookham which is owned by John Lewis. It took about 2 hours to get here and luckily you had a snooze on the way. When we arrived it was too early to check in so we bought some duck food, and you really enjoyed seeing the ducks and geese at close quarters!

We went for a little walk through the village and you found a few new friends along the way – you even tried feeding our room key to the sheep!

When we got back to Odney you went for a walk in the garden and tried to chase some ducks! You decided you weren’t sure about your temporary bed (although you seemed to enjoy being in it in the daytime-See the photo) and wanted to play downstairs with us until 9.30pm. You knew it was bed time because you kept looking at us and doing ‘shhhhhhh’ and then giggling!!!! I think you were over excited by your new surroundings.