Birmingham Lego Discovery & Sealife

We had a slightly earlier start today to make it to Birmingham for 10! We started at the Lego Discovery Centre where you enjoyed making various designs and playing in the soft play (as well as the brilliant 4D cinema).

Then we grabbed some lunch and carried on to the sealife centre where you and Jessica spent ages looking at the penguins!

Stagecoach performance

Today was your most recent performance, the first show that you had helped to plan! Unfortunately you’d not been very well during the night before but you were determined that the show must go on!

You managed to get through the show and did a great job (despite having very pink cheeks!). We were very proud of you for giving a great performance and being so determined to get through it


You were the ‘lucky’ recipient of the Brownies teddies this week – we needed somewhere exciting to take them so we headed to the Great Central who had a steam gala. Your sister is still super keen on Thomas so she enjoyed it as well – you were excited as the train was called Oliver Cromwell!

Cirencester day out

Today we went to Cirencester to see the Roman artefacts on display there as you’re doing the Romans at the start of year 3. First we went to the Amphitheatre, which when it was in it’s original state would have held over 8000 people – you found it really hard to run up!

After that visit we went to the museum in the middle of town, there were loads of saved mosaics that had been discovered over the years, mainly featuring gods and animals (typical Romans!) We also took the Brownie’s teddy as you were the ‘lucky’ recipient of this in your first week in the new group and we needed to get some good pictures of you taking her somewhere exciting (or hopefully educational!).