Christmas 2015

We have had a lovely Christmas again this year-when you woke up on Christmas morning Santa had put a pink table in your room with a table lamp, coaster and a box of tissues on it. He’d also moved your stocking on to your table: 

 When you got downstairs you could see that Santa had ticked torch and clock off your list and that he had eaten his mince pie and drank his drink. There was only the tip of the carrot left where hungry Rudolph had munched the carrot you had left!  





Dear Santa…

Now that you’re good at your reading you’ve also started taking an interest in writing and how to spell words. This came in handily today when you decided to write a letter to Santa. In weeks gone by you’ve been asking for a chocolate snowman lollipop (which he normally leaves in your stocking) and a pair of frozen earrings, but, today when you wrote your letter you asked for a clock and a torch! You did great writing and you even did a practice letter before doing the one to leave for Santa to be really sure it was all spelt right and looked nice. 


Breakfast With Santa

Today we went to Woodlands Garden Centre to see Santa before Christmas. To start off with Jessicca didn’t want to wake up:  

When we got there we saw lots of big lights and Christmas decorations:

 Then a naughty Elf found you! 

 you decorated a gingerbread biscuit while we waited for our breakfast: 

 After breakfast you had a dance with Daddy while Jessica had a nap: 

 THEN…you got to meet Santa and Jessica had her first cuddle with Santa!



 Afterwards we went to see Nana Brown and put her Christmas tree up for her-you and your sister lounged around on the sofa quite a bit though! 



First Nativity

Mummy, Jessica, Grandma and Grandad all went to watch you in your nativity today. You’ve been practicing for weeks by doing lots of singing and dancing at home. The nativity was great, although not all of your foundation friends enjoyed performing-there was an angel that cried, a stubborn camel, some very bouncy stars that made the stage bang and another star whose bottom was hanging out of her tights! You did brilliant dancing and singing as a townsperson and it was lovely to see! Tomorrow night Nana and Daddy get to go and see you in action!


Gearing Up For Christmas

We have had a very busy weekend this weekend-yesterday we went to Bradgate park and played with Daddy’s friend Mark’s boys (Ethan and Alex) we saw lots of deer! Afterwards we went to see our friend Ali and James in their new house THEN you went with Daddy to meet Ruby in Quorn and see the Christmas lights. It rained a lot but you didn’t mind because you were with you friend and you both went on some fairground rides together! You’ve also had a very special message from Santa this weekend-you were amazed at just how much Santa knows about you! You’ve also been enjoying a new bed this weekend and you love it so much you keep thanking mummy and daddy which is lovely! Today Aunty Cath, Nana and Grandad came over and Jessica had lots of smiles for Grandad! We also spent time making some Christmas cards today using foot and finger prints! 



Stanley Xmas

We had our annual Williamson/Bloor family Christmas get together. You enjoyed playing with Mummy’s second cousin, Adam’s son and daughter. We also got to see Mummy’s Aunty Karen and Uncle Chris and you made sure they know how much you’ve been practicing your swimming ready for going and staying in their Spanish house.