First birthday party

Today was all about…you! Yesterday had obviously worn you out as you had a one hour lie in. The first present you had was a tricycle from both of us, you seemed to like it.

Mummy and I worked very hard on your cake, I was the baker and mummy was the chief decorator, we decided early on that we wanted to recreate your wooden walker and we were quite happy with the results.

Lots of people came to your party, including some of your friends from the NCT group. Everyone was excited to see you toddling around the room and eating ham and mustard sandwiches.

As we had so many family members there we were able to take pictures of four generations of Mummy and Daddy’s families.

As well as your tricycle Mummy and Daddy bought you a duck charm for your Pandora bracelet, Grandma & Grandad bought you a farm and a push along duck, Nana & Grandad got you a dolls house and some books, Aunty Cath got you a noisy crocodile, Uncle Emlyn got you a penguin needing a cuddle and Uncle Tim got you Clothes and more books. You even got a posh Harrods teddy, he is very cuddly!

81st birthday weekend

Well what a big weekend Isabelle, not only are you 1 but Great Nana is 80, quite an achievement! Her party was the day before yours at Ashfields in Earl Shilton. Lots of people got to meet you for the first time such as Great Uncle Ian and Aunty Kate, Nana’s friend Denz and lots of Great Nana’s friends. It’s fair to say that there were two centers of attention and you were certainly entertaining people, and Great Nana loved talking about you with all of her friends.


I really like this last picture, it shows how much everyone enjoyed having you around – even if you did start chattering whilst Nana was trying to give a speech!