Birmingham Lego Discovery & Sealife

We had a slightly earlier start today to make it to Birmingham for 10! We started at the Lego Discovery Centre where you enjoyed making various designs and playing in the soft play (as well as the brilliant 4D cinema).

Then we grabbed some lunch and carried on to the sealife centre where you and Jessica spent ages looking at the penguins!


This weekend you went along to your first Stagecoach session where you’ll be doing singing, dancing and acting! Nana and Grandma came along to watch you in your first class and we think you were a born natural as you told a bit of a fib about enjoying painting at the weekends but mummy not letting you…you can certainly be very dramatic when you want to be and are clearly already great at ad-libbing!  


Billy Bear

We’ve had another busy weekend and this weekend you’ve had Billy-the class Bear to take out and about with you. It snowed on Saturday night so Jessica and Billy both got to see their first snow!    

 Jessica is 16 weeks old now and she’s spending lots of time working out how to reach out and hold things-she keeps using her left hand though and hardly ever her right so we think she’s going to be left handed like you!