Skating in to Christmas

You’ve both been looking forward to trying out ice skating again this year so today Mummy took you back to the Garden Centre at East Bridgeford.

Isabelle soon for the hang of it and was confident skating on her own.

Jessica sat on a dolphin but right at the end of the session when the rink was clear had a go at skating on the ice just holding on to the dolphin!

It was a lot of fun! Afterwards we went for hot chocolates with Grandma and Grandad to warm up again!

Stage Coach Panto

It was your stage coach pantomime ‘A real royal riot’ today and you were fantastic!

You said your lines amazingly clearly and were right at the front dancing with incredible confidence!

You were a chocolate mouse for part of the production and then a bee!

The Fair

Tonight mummy too you to the fair – Jessica has been very excited about it this year.

She was in town with Mummy on Wednesday and loved watching it all being set up – she had a big list of rides she wanted to go on!

You were both given £10 by Mummy and you chose to go on the big wheel, the bumper cars, a train ride and a bus ride!

Isabelle enjoyed two fun houses this year – in particular the moving steps and we all giggled when Isabelle got covered in foam at the end of one of the fun houses!

Grandma and Grandad joined us and we all had a treat chippy tea at their house afterward to warm up!

Singing Reindeer

Mummy and Jessica were looking for somewhere warm and dry we could go and look around today so we went to a garden centre. They had their Christmas decorations out but Jessica’s favourite thing was the singing reindeer at the front of the store – we had to go back three times to watch them!


Tonight Mummy and Isabelle went to the University fireworks display – Jessica wasn’t very keen on them again this year so she stayed in the warm. Hopefully next year she will be feeling braver and join us then!

The display was fantastic and they had a projection on to the front of one of the buildings.

First Football

Today Jessica went to her first football session – she’d been saying for a while she wanted to give football a go so when Mummy saw an advert for a local club a few weeks ago we got very excited!

I was very proud of you because even though it was cold and wet you stuck it out right to the end of the session!

Glow Disco

This years school disco is a glow party…your friend Erin came round after school tonight and Mummy made you dinner and you both got ready together.

I’m expecting you to come back with all kinds of shiny items!

You even made some biscuits – they can be decorated over the weekend.